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Connect with LYLA June

For all press inquiries contact:, ‪(505) 465-9575‬

Communicate, share, and keep up with Lyla using any of the methods below. Lyla June is active on social media, updating her followers and supporters on campaign milestones and opportunities, as well as engaging them on the issues they care about most. She is also responsive over email and looks forward to hearing from you soon.

The Issues



We can no longer betray future generations and the magnificence of planet Earth. We must act with the serious urgency our times are calling for. New Mexico stands poised to show the world what climate leadership looks like. Climate action and economic restoration strengthen one another and New Mexico has the brilliance and innovation to create this in concrete terms.


We need education that is both equitable and adequate for every child, regardless of their economic or cultural background. We desperately need to decrease school dependency on the uncertain and short-lived oil and gas market so our children will thrive far into the future. I will fight for a public school system that has sophisticated funding sources, 21st century curricula and a safe, nurturing environment for every child.


We need a healthcare system that serves people, not the pharmaceutical industry. We need a healthcare system that honors and serves healthcare workers. We need a healthcare system that supports culturally-appropriate treatments for our diverse state. I am committed to supporting and seeing universal healthcare to completion and protecting it from corporate corruption.

Indigenous Health

The Indigenous People of New Mexico provide the foundation for our artistic and cultural wealth. Yet we continue to be exploited and marginalized. There are not enough voices in the legislature who have the sensitivity and dedication needed to tackle the issues that face our communities. We must fight for and protect the original stewards of this land who have been cheated for far too long.


I stand behind grassroots leaders of New Mexico who have been researching and working on this issue with immense dedication. We have made some good steps towards commonsense gun safety and violence prevention. I will stand by our communities working for safer towns and cities and will fight for them in the Roundhouse.


The energy sector of New Mexico has short-changed our workers, polluted our land and corrupted our state and local governments for decades. I will fight to protect vulnerable frontline communities and workers from the political corruption that is destroying our home, our climate and our future. It is time for us as a people to stand up to out-of-state corporate interests and take our democracy back.


There is a long history of those in power incarcerating minorities for political and monetary gain. Knowing that children are in cages at our border demands immediate action. Immigration reform that treats everyone with dignity, provides a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, and keeps families together should be implemented with the urgency it deserves.


Substance abuse has reached epidemic levels in our state. Access to affordable long-term treatment, coupled with a job placement initiative, is desperately needed to help those in dire straits due to addiction. With current leadership of District 47 accepting large campaign contributions from billion-dollar pharmaceutical companies, it is not likely real action will be taken any time soon to end the opioid crisis.


While I am personally pro-sobriety, I understand the War on Drugs has disproportionately affected people of color through incarceration for non-violent offenses like marijuana possession. If these industries grow, let's keep them out of the hands of corporate control and strongly benefiting communities who have been impacted by the War on Drugs.